About Us

Cosmos Nutraceuticals is a new age pharmaceutical company with a vision to revolutionize the primordial and primary prevention in India. Cosmos Nutraceuticals is proud to partner with esteemed manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America to bring pristine products to Indian patients.

The cosmos is the universe, it implies viewing the universe as a complex and orderly system or entity, the opposite of chaos. Whales are associated with compassion and solitude, and knowledge of both life and death. They are also associated with unbridled creativity. The exhalation through the blowhole symbolizes the freeing of one's own creative energies. Cosmos Nutraceuticals is committed to revolutionize the therapeutic regimens with innovation in an organized manner.


Innovation, compassion and patient satisfaction


Cosmos Nutraceuticals is proud to partner with manufacturers who are certified with WHO GMP, USFDA, EMEA , DCGI and ISO to deliver products with pristine quality to Indian patients